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Switzerland: The Eagleton of Europe

Yodelee, yodelee, yodelee-HI-HOO

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Sometimes after really living it up at Oktoberfest, you're a little slow moving in the morning.

Which is probably why we had to literally chase after our bus headed to Switzerland.

But the bus driver eventually let us on, after listening to Katie grovel on her knees in over 15 languages. Ten of which she made up on the spot and were not recognizable whatsoever.

Switzerland. A Beautiful Country.

FullSizeRender__69_.jpg FullSizeRender__70_.jpg

Full of mountains, and lakes, and bridges, and cool monuments... like this lion! At which Patty stared in awe for 20 minutes...


...and then made Katie walk past three more times.

Truly beautiful.

But also very...very...VERY expensive. A glass of water costs about 5 american dollars. A ride on the bus costs 11 american dollars.

This delicious lunch we had was supposed to be one of the cheapest in town, but it ended up costing us 500 million dollars.
It was worth it though: it was made up of an entire baguette (for each of us), perfectly season fried chicken (crispy but not like overly breaded), french fries, and the special sauce (which seemed a lot like a giant vat full of butter and garlic).


^^^^^ That empty basket was originally full of 2 loaves of bread

We loved it. Patty even tried to make Katie finish the rest of her special sauce like a shot.

But anyway, SO EXPENSIVE. That's why we really jumped at the opportunity to do any free activity we could find. Like a "sightseeing night cruise" Katie found through our hostel that was supposed to be completely free.



We walked to the harbor with no clear directions on where this magical boat would be picking us up. We see all sorts of giant, beautiful cruise ships. Some that are dropping off passengers who look like they have had the best time of their lives. Hm, none of them are our boat.

Our boat finally pulls up. It looks like it could call it quits and sink to the bottom of Lake Lucerne at any moment. There are a couple of men dragging it to the dock with panicked looks on their faces. Patty is skeptical, but Katie looks like she won the jackpot and skips onto the boat. We get onto the boat and meet one other family. They are from India and are extremely pleasant. The boat takes off with a loud "SPUTTER SPUTTER SPUTTER" as Patty and Katie rock violently in their seats. Patty looks around and sees there is no one else around on the lake ... and the boat ... the boat is headed away from all the attractions and headed to a dark, dark abyss.


She immediately thinks "sex slave trade" and glares at Katie for leading her to her demise. Katie gives her a sheepish grin and a big thumbs up, as if she's having the time of her life. About 10 minutes into the death ride, the "co-captain" who looks clearly like a homeless junkie, jumps into the room where we're sitting, startling everyone, and screams, "ANYONE WANT A DRINK?! YOU?? YOU? OR YOU??", and we all shake our heads furiously until he leaves. Damn it Katie.

Patty has accepted her fate and decides to Facetime her parents and their closest friends, Phil and Alex. Phil was no help as he loudly announced, "YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE YOU'RE ASKING ME FOR HELP? WHY IT IS DARK? IM CONFUSED? SHOULD I CALL THE POLICE?" Patty said I love you to her mother and father and then hung up the phone (the wifi signal was getting weak) .

About 45 minutes into the "1-hour-long ride", the boat had still not begun to turn back around, drifting even further and further from our destination. The lovely Indian family to our left seemed a little wary as well -- maybe it was because they would look over and see Patty's paranoid eyes shifting to and from all different directions. The son got up and timidly walked towards the captain's chair to find out when the tour would be over.

Good news! We would indeed be docking soon! Bad news: we'd be docking all the way on the other side of Switzerland. We got off the boat into an area that looked like a beautiful resort that had been closed down and vacated for 20 years. Our options were to a) wait for the boat to come back in an hour and a half at 10:30 PM or b) try to walk back to Lucerne... An easy 7 hour stroll!

Of course, we stayed for a beer (or 2) and at 10:30 PM the little boat appeared out of the dark murky distance and took us back to safety.

FullSizeRender__73_.jpg FullSizeRender__74_.jpg

But we figured, if that's the WORST thing to happen on this trip... we'll be in fiiiine shape.


Oh, and here's a very awkward picture of us:


No, we mean awkward.


NO guys... AWKWARD.


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