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Patty did it! She spent her first night in a hostel. Sure, she only got four hours of sleep and sure, she slept with her glasses on and her backpack right next to her side... but she did it!

Woodah Hostel is an experience. Our day started with 8 am yoga with a lovely local man named Jake; he had a long beard and a lot to say about sexual taboos! Next up: an organic, VEGAN breakfast of muesli (looks suspiciously like granola...), farm-to-table jam, and sprouted homemade rolls.


Patty could sure get used to this hippie life. Why, she really could rough it with the best of them!

After a very active morning, it was time to hit the showers! Patty marched behind Katie toward the shower room with a newfound confidence. She really could do this whole hostel thing!

But then...


A man -- a stinky smelly unshaven ruffian man -- abruptly cut right in front of her and tramped into the only other shower stall... right next to Katie. In one fluid motion, Patty pivoted in her tracks and beelined straight back to her bunk with a resounding "NUH-UH. NOPE."





To confirm Patty's deepest fears, Katie came back looking a little shaken, only to murmur: "Patty... You would actually hate that....... there was a small crack so that if you happened to put your eye up next to it... you could see... EVERYTHING. I wanted to quietly whisper, '...no peeking, please!'"

Patty has limits.

After that emotional roller coaster, we actually had a lovely day.

We saw the harbor.

The canal-- AKA: all the cute adorable colorful houses we've been pinning on Pinterest.


The Royal Danish Theater which is the most magnificent thing you'll ever see.

The Little Mermaid.


All of this was brought to you by Katie Mancuso who is the ultimate tourist, and has the capability of turning any 10 minute walk into a 3 hour journey all around the city... probably in the opposite direction you're suppose to be heading whilst holding a GPS and a ginormous map of the city that you didn't even realize they still make.


And the grand finale for the day: The Carlsberg Brewery.


We took a free shuttle bus, where a Brazilian man named Bruno quickly made us feel uncomfortable. We got off the bus, avoided Bruno ASAP, and headed into the self-guided tour.

The self-guided tour included long, tedious articles about the history of Carlsberg... an extremely boring replica of a grain collecting warehouse... and something about yeast (gross)?

We quickly realized we were only in it for the free beer, which wasn't even free because we had to pay to get into the brewery.

Some highlights from the trip:

  • When Katie caused some French business men to burst out into laughter after pointing to a video of a topless woman from the cavemen days making beer


  • When Patty got bored during "the History of Carlsberg" and skipped from the 1400's to the early 2000's
  • We even witnessed the most boring sentence ever written...:


  • And may we introduce... Patty Malaney: Horse Whisperer

Really the whole thing just reminded us of Barry Donnelly (our beer enthusiast manager at Fado) and we could feel his disappointment in us as we walked around the brewery, getting drunker and rowdier, like a couple of American frat boys.

90_image2.jpg FullSizeRender__58_.jpg

As it turns out Carlsberg isn't even brewed there anymore! It's now home to Jacobson Microbrewery where we did an private VIP tasting (we were the only ones that signed up) and actually learned a whole lot about beer!


Off to Munich next! Talk to you after OKTOBERFEST... heh heh heh

Au Vidersein( sp?)!

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And you missed Tivoli while in KjĂžbenhavn? You two get around! Continue to have fun and take care! Hopefully there will be a real hotel in the near future!

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